English and English Podcast 37: Zerg Floor Jerky

In this thrilling episode, the Brothers English talk about talking dolls raising parent fears, overcooking chicken until it is an alien biomass, cartoons that teach you to be tough, Michael Moore’s latest stupidity, the flaws of the health care industry, and how some people really can never learn.

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English and English Podcast 36: George Lucas Did Not Get Positive Ongoing Consent

The Brother’s English start off nerd raging about Star Wars changes, cover the “problematic” nature of affirmative consent, discuss how “empowering” really means “ugly,” face-palm over Bill Nye’s new stupidity, laugh at the Jeopardy woman’s voice, investigate how many terrorist acts in the USA are by Muslims, and wonder when SNL got so not funny.

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Twitter: twitter.com/2EnglishBros