English and English Podcast 32: The ButtF**Kers Glorious

This episode, the brothers English start off with some MESA test cards and online quizzes, talk about Trump’s McCain comments, wonder why a colon in a movie title is a bad sign, if Batman v. Superman will be any good, once again dispense the wisdom on some advice forums, and invent the hot new movie of the year – The ButtF**kers Glorious! (NSFW you guys, per usual.)

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English and English Podcast 31: Bill Nye Science Fail

This time the brothers English cover Bill Nye’s science fail, dealing with a grabby gay roommate, having your girl not invited to a party, evolution and de-evolution, a drunk mom who trying to “teach her kid about nudity,” a grandma who always falls for phone scams, and a kind of socialism we can get behind.

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English and English Podcast 30: The Farts of Love

Amused by trolling the advice columns last podcast, the Brothers English once again dispense some righteous wisdom to some folks, including grandparents who use a webcam to spy on their grand-kids, a man using a couple’s group for sex fantasies, and a woman wondering if a fart is a sign of true love.